young girl

katrina survivor ward
Katrina Survivor Ward & Danielle ready to roll
Terry & Ward
Tee and Ward get the party started

Al painting
Larry, Al & Nancy painting
NS painting

ray works the wood
Ray works the wood
cloud of dust
Cloud of dust

The construction, and assembly, as the next 18
photos show, is Labor Intensive, and rewarding !
We always welcome help.
Please call 215-945-3350,

Memorial Day weekend is again in Philadelphia,
at the LIBERTY BELL MALL, between the
Liberty Bell, and the Constitution Center

working at bills
Al Kovnat
'Nam Vets Al Kovnat
Dr Jon B drills 6,000 holes
& Dr Jon Bjornson drill 6,000 holes

Navy Lifer Sandy Fulton inserts thousands of prongs
setting up for drilling

working away
Sandy & Ray stack n pack

Bill's backyard
Juan & Bighead
MC & Red
These Combat Veterans, all from Elite Units, share a special Espirit de Corps.  They are known to go much further than "the extra mile" for other Veterans, especially our OIF & OEF young-uns, coming home now.
Charley & Chief

Bill's backyard 
Lynn touch-up painting
Jeff & Bill LAYOUT Matrix

Mean looking Foreman,(who is really a softie), barks orders to Gene Miller, and the Layout Crew.

placement begins, while others drive pins
old soldier
Sam's back

Brother Sam Day, adjusting the HONOR THE WARRIORS, NOT THE WAR banner, wears HISTORY on his head, chest, and back.
The "Triple Nickels" over his dog tags stands for the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the famed all black Paratrooper outfit from the days of Segregation.  The Triple Nickel Buffalo Soldiers are looked upon with great pride, by ALL Paratroopers.



"Taps" "Channel 6"
Last Veterans Day, media coverage ran 24 / 7 on KYW & other radio outlets.  Channels 3, 6, 10, 17, & 29 all came out, and we got front page Inquirer, and Daily News, and Metro Photos.

Gold Star Mom w/ Sherwood Baker

Gold Star Mother Celeste Zappala joins others who are dedicating prayers to her KIA son, Sgt Sherwood Baker, at his Tombstone marker.

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