Rutgers~New Brunswick IVAW Conference

Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Rutgers University hosted
"Marching Home",
a three day Conference on the American War in Iraq.   Students from Columbia,
Brown, Colgate, Penn, Princeton, Syracuse and other regional schools participated.

rifle stand

This photo is Bill Perry, of Delaware Valley Veterans For America, behind the Inverted
Rifle, Helmet, Dog Tags, and empty Boots Memorial, dedicating the 3 Day Conference to
DAVE CLINE, National Organizer of VietNam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) and past
President of Nat'l Veterans For Peace.  Dave died the morning of our September 15th D.C.
Demonstration, 3 weeks earlier.  ( Boston IVAW Prez, Liam Madden looks on )

Jimmy Masse

This photo is Marine Recruiter, and Combat Vet, Staff Sgt Jimmy Massey, IVAW's
South East Regional Co-ordinator, working with Students and Civilians on Counter Recruitment

Liam Madden

This Pic is Marine Sgt Liam Madden, speaking, then Conference Co-Organizer and Iraq Combat Medic,
Patrick Resta { who is also Prez of Delaware Valley Veterans for America }, "Lucky" Laituri, Philly IVAW, who became a Conscientious Objector AFTER his 1st Tour in Iraq, and the Amazing Colonel Ann Wright, the State Department Official, who resigned her commission on the eve of "Shock & Awe" on 19March03

Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown, National Treasurer of IVAW, and posse, are pictured here, helping  a large
room of Ivy League students understand the ramifications of White Skin Privilege.

Greg Payton

Greg Payton, VietNam Vet, AND War Resistor ran a workshop with Rich Moser, author of
The New Winter Soldier ( not pictured )

Larry Hamm

This is Larry Hamm, Peoples Organization for Progress, outlining how Veterans, Students,
and Community Organizations must be integral parts of a vibrant whole.

Sue Niederer

Sue Niederer, Gold Star Mom of Rutgers graduate, Lt Seth Dvorin, Killed In Action on 3 FEB 04,
and Oscar Castro, AFSC Military & Youth Coordinator ran a workshop on Counter-Recruitment

Todd Ensign

Todd Ensign, Director of Citizen Soldier, (  ) and partner
with IVAW's Active Duty Personnel who run the Different Drummer, the Ft Drum~10th Mountain Division, NY, Coffee Shop & Music Venue;   and IVAW's North East Organizer, Sgt Liam Madden,
on organizing Active Duty G.I.'s & Marines.

Bill Perry

This photo shows Veterans Service Officer Bill Perry demonstrating the difference
between the 2006 Veterans Benefits Manual, and the 2007 edition.
    Each of these 2,000 page manuals are known as "The Bible", and the differences are a
couple hundred USC, and CFR Congressional changes and Board of Veterans Appeals, and
CAVC court rulings.  
If you have a Service Connected Disability, NEVER GIVE UP !  New Rulings occur weekly !

S.O.N. of NUN

The closing act of the Saturday night Concert was the amazing S.O.N. of NUN, political
Shout Outs to ALL the Students and Vets who stayed for the Sunday
Strategizing for the Future sessions ( 3rd day Meets are always rough ), and the amazing organizers, esp Sgt Jim DaLaigh ( AIRBORNE ! ) & Combat Medic Patrick Resta, (  ) Jen Hogg, Fernando Braga, & all the NYC & North Jersey IVAW who came down.  Also: ALL the fabulous Rutgers activists ( we really appreciated the food & accommodations ) and the brilliant students who converged on Rutgers, from far & wide.
    My apologies for not having room to post photos of the poignant, introspective, and ALWAYS ILLUMINATING Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
    And I missed Dr Thomas Fasy's Depleted Uranium presentation, & also Steve Latimer, Esq., ACLU's Protest and Student Rights workshop.  Knowing one's rights is an integral part of raising hell on ANY campus. 
    The other workshops & caucuses were valuable, too. THANKS so much!
Bill Perry
Delaware Valley Veterans For America

Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA