Tombstone display
Lawn in downtown Philadelphia across from the Liberty Bell
Memorial Day weekend 2008

initial setting up
Very beginning of setting them all up. We were restricted to using the lawn in back of the sidewalk that stretches from the street all the way to the middle entrance of the Independence Visitor Center. The tombstones are all small wooden slabs affixed with a photo of a dead US serviceperson and a quick set of facts about them.

setting up
Marking out where the tombstones would be. The careful measuring pays off when we see the final product with its neat rows and columns.

still more assembly
It's all too easy for people to hear the number 4081 (The latest count of US military deaths as of May 24th as per ) and to have a very clean, abstract picture of that many casualties. We're hoping to bring it all a little more "home" to people. To make it all a bit more real.

individual mourner
A particular tombstone is located.

And yes, we have many more tombstones than we have room for. As far back as they all stretch, we could put even more in.

long view
Of course, what would really make our day would be for us to be able to pay for it all. Please send $20, $30, whatever you can afford, to:
Dr Jon Bjornson
6904 Wissahickon Ave #3
Philadelphia, PA 19119

personalized ones
Naturally, some families stop by and personalize the tombstone of their family member.