Arlington North, @ Philly's Liberty Bell, in 4th year of Tombstone Display
Memorial Day 2008

long view
another view
VietNam Veterans Against the War, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Delaware Valley Veterans For America began our 4th year of the
stunning display of The Cost of War, between Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Constitution Center.

Celeste & Ki

Gold Star Mom, Celeste Zappala, comforts Gold Star Mom, Ki Moon, Mother of Sgt Jae Sik Moon.

Ki Moon
The entire Moon Family spent all 4 days at the Memorial Weekend Tombstone Display.

Joan Kosloff
Gold Star Mom, Joan Kosloff, shares memories of better times with Sgt Moon's Mom, and Dad, Yeoung Moon.


Scores of our Tombstones are inscribed by loving parents and siblings.

Wife & daughter leave message
Captain Straub's Wife & Mom leave messages at twilight

long view
Being in the shadow of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Constitution Center make Arlington North a MUST SEE destination
for 10's of thousands of folks from all over America, and the World.

The solemnity reflects what MEMORIAL DAY is REALLY all about.  No Militarism, no parades, just respect.

Master Sgt Ellis, a WWII, Korean, & VietNam Paratrooper, from the famed "Triple Nickle" 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment, salutes his flesh and blood, Lt Emily Perez.
Lt Emily Perez
Like so many of us, untimely and horrific deaths have brought us to a new awareness.
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Delaware Valley Veterans For America

Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA
Photo Credits:  Pics #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6   Corpsman Pete Brunner
                       Pics # 8,10, & 11            Cheryl Biren-Wright
                       Pics #7, 9, 12, & 13        Jack Semper Fi Kline
                       Pic #14                          Sandy "Squid" Fulton