Memorial Day 2008

Memorial Day 2008 BP Photos

Memorial Day 2008 RLG Photos

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Veteran's Day 2007 Photos

Pre-Showing Speeches at Rutgers

Philadelphia Daily News piece


FoxNews29 gave us good Memorial Day 2007 coverage!!

Other 2007 photos

NEWS CLIP of 2006 Tombstones display
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From November 2006
America's BEST VETERANS' DAY RALLY 11/11/06
on the stage

Iraq Veterans Against the War:  Staff Sgt Dennis Kyne, Cap't Chad Hetman, Sgt Steve Mortillo,
Sp4 Toby Hartzbarger, Sgt Mark LaChance, Combat Medic Patrick Resta

Nick Berg

Nick Berg's Dad, Mike Berg

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan calls for Impeachment of entire Bush Regime

Celeste Zappala

Gold Star Mom Celeste Zappala holds her son, KIA Sgt Sherwood Baker

Sue Neiderer

Gold Star Mom Sue Neiderer wears her KIA son, Lt Seth Dvorin on
her chest, telling Seth's story by his Tombstone facsimile

Sylvia Keisha Hutchins

Stylist Keisha Hutchins soars to new heights

Cindy & BP

Cindy and bp raise hell


America's greatest Political Rapper, S.O.N. MC, rocks the Independence Hall walls
as he closes the Philly Veterans Day Sea of Tombstones Memorial & Rally
Photos CREDIT:  Monique Frugier

From our own Monique

The Sounds of Silence

A Sea of Tombstones

jesus text
angry sky
The Human Cost of our Iraq War.

Please scroll through these 25 photos. This Stunning Display is staffed by Veterans, and Military Families, 24 / 7, 'round the clock,
 from 8am, Friday, May 25, until Sundown, Monday May 28

Make it part of YOUR Veterans Day weekend
Jesus tombstone
Early morning peace @ our SEA of Tombstones

long view from South

51 52
CROWDS GATHER  Some experience stunned disbelief when they realize the enormity of it all.

Little girl asks tough question about why PTSD-Suicide
happened in Iraq.  Kid gloves are required for this poignant moment.

Easter protest at Spectors

Terry Perry, the brains of the Tombstone Project, seals a deal with her Laborer, Bill Perry

jack & bidge Noey & D

Monique & Robert
Steve & Bidge
Monique, Robert, Steve & Bidge
Webmaster genius
Webmaster Genius & Navy Vet Rich Gardner

Juan & Bighead
MC & Red
These Combat Veterans, all from Elite Units, share a special Espirit de Corps.  They are known to go much further than "the extra mile" for other Veterans, especially our OIF & OEF young-uns, coming home now.
Charley & Chief

old soldier
Sam's back

Brother Sam Day, adjusting the HONOR THE WARRIORS, NOT THE WAR banner, wears HISTORY on his head, chest, and back.
The "Triple Nickels" over his dog tags stands for the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the famed all black Paratrooper outfit from the days of Segregation.  The Triple Nickel Buffalo Soldiers are looked upon with great pride, by ALL Paratroopers.

Dawn - Sea of Tombstones
   Unfortunately, the Bush Administration appears to be intent on forcing us to expand our tombstone display. 
    This VETERANS DAY weekend, the unfortunate mathematics of OIF indicate we will be approaching 3,900 KIA.
    Our Mission is to help folks realize these are 3,900 friends, neighbors, EMT workers, teachers, relatives, cops, teamsters, co-workers, loved ones, etcetera... NOT just 3,400, the number.
    We certainly appreciate large donations, but what REALLY funds our Veterans Display are the $10 to $20 dollar donations.
    We are a 501(C)3 Tax Exempt Organization.
All donations are DEDUCTIBLE !
    Please mail your contribution to:
OIF Tombstone Awareness Inc
80 Hollow Rd
Levittown, PA

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